Worry Free Through the Life of the Lease

New MOTIVE T875-agm

  • Protected by a “Life of the Lease” warranty
  • Easy to maintain, no need to water
  • Shorter charging time than standard FLA batteries.
  • Manufactured from 98% recyclable materials.
Trojan Battery Company - Our new Motive T875-AGM battery option provides power and reliability unlike anything else in the industry. Built with a sealed design, AGM lead-acid batteries are convenient and reliable. Plus, they are easy to maintain­—absolutely no watering is required—so you can stay focused on what matters.
BCI Cycle Life Test

Proven Performance

Time After Time

The Motive T-875 FLA battery is a rock-solid source of power that is time-tested. Undeniably strong and dependable, these batteries are the perfect complement to our Yamaha golf cars and will always get you where you need to go.

Battery MOTIVE T-875 FLA
Independent Laboratory Testing of 8-Volt Batteries