PRESS RELEASE January 28, 2021

Yamaha Golf-Car Company Extends Partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association

Yamaha Golf-Car Company Extends Partnership

with the National Golf Course Owners Association


Kennesaw, Ga. (January 28, 2021) — Yamaha Golf-Car Company is pleased to announce an extension of their partnership with the National Golf Course Owners Association (NGCOA) as their “Official Golf Car Partner.”

This valuable partnership will benefit NGCOA members and Yamaha’s customer base by offering incentives on Yamaha golf and utility vehicle purchases/leases through the NGCOA’s Smart Buy Marketing purchasing program, complimentary memberships to the association, and more.
“The last four years have made a real difference with both organizations,” said Jay Karen, NGCOA’s Chief Executive Officer. “Yamaha’s top-level support allows our team to do the important work of advocacy and education for our members and the industry. And we have been pleased to support Yamaha’s rise in the market as a premier brand in their sector. We look forward to many more years of win-win.”

“Yamaha Golf-Car Company’s support of the NGCOA is our way of supporting the golf industry and I am thrilled with the success and partnership,” adds Tom McDonald, Yamaha Golf-Car Company President. “The NGCOA provides education and advocacy for its members and the industry as a whole. To do this requires someone to step up as the primary sponsor. This relationship has its success on our side as well. In the first three years of our relationship, 176 NGCOA members allowed us to demo our products and decided to switch to Yamaha. Now that’s a win-win!”

Working with an esteemed organization like NGCOA will allow Yamaha to continue to build valuable business relationships and position their innovative vehicles, along with the entire Yamaha brand, as a leader in the golf industry. In addition, this partnership has benefits that will grow Yamaha’s recognition throughout the world of golf:

● Yamaha will be recognized as Presenting Sponsor of NGCOA’s Golf Business Conference

● Yamaha will be recognized as Presenting Sponsor of NGCOA’s annual Multi-Course & Resort Operators Retreat (MCOR) and the Title Sponsor of the MCOR Yamaha Golf Outing.

● Yamaha will have a strategic advertising position within a variety of NGCOA communication platforms, including Golf Business magazine and the association’s monthly digital member newsletter.

● Yamaha will also play an active role as a sponsor of the NGCOA’s Online Advocacy Center and will have a seat on the association’s Technology Advisory Committee.


All courses in the United States can benefit from the partnership in the following ways, as well:

● NGCOA members who convert their fleets to Yamaha during the duration of this partnership, will be eligible for a vehicle rebate.

● Yamaha customers, who are not members of NGCOA, and who renew their fleets during the duration of this partnership, will be gifted a one-year, complimentary membership in NGCOA.

● Yamaha customers, who are members of NGCOA, and who renew their fleets during the duration of this partnership, will get complimentary admission to the Golf Business Conference.

● Courses, which are not members of NGCOA and which convert their fleet to Yamaha, will receive the complimentary membership and admission to NGCOA conferences.

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About Yamaha Golf-Car Company

The Yamaha Golf-Car Company builds from the 60-plus-year legacy of the Yamaha brand to manufacture the most innovatively engineered and highest quality golf, utility, and specialty vehicles in the golf industry. Yamaha Golf-Car Company is headquartered in Kennesaw, Georgia with assembly and production of all cars taking place at our Newnan. Georgia production facility. Yamaha was the first to develop Electronic Fuel Injection technology in a golf car (producing the best gas mileage and smallest carbon footprint); the first golf car with fully independent, four-wheel suspension (producing the smoothest ride in the game); and the first gas-powered car that is almost as quiet as an electric one.


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NGCOA is the leading authority on the business of golf course ownership and management. The association represents and promotes the interests of golf courses as the principal businesses and economic assets of the game of golf. The not-for-profit organization is the only trade association dedicated exclusively to golf course owners and operators. Through advocacy, education and information resources, purchasing programs and networking opportunities, the NGCOA helps golf course owners and operators run more successful businesses. Learn more at or call 800-933-4262.