Umax Rally 2+2

YAMAHA HAS A VEHICLE FOR ALL YOUR PASSIONS. On or off the course, we continuously strive to bring you the best. And this time, we’ve taken the power and performance you trust and fused it with the ultimate in comfort. Introducing the UMAX Rally™ 2+2, our newest utility car featuring a completely redesigned rear-facing seat kit with large bucket seats. Now you can tackle any terrain with complete ease. Take the family out on an adventure or cruise around town and, when you need more room for your gear, the convertible fold-down seat creates a convenient surface space. UMAX Rally 2+2, another reason why Yamaha is The Easy Choice.™

UMAX Rally 2+2 Silo
  • New rear facing seat kit
  • Converts to carrying storage space
  • Wide storage behind front seats
  • Longer, more comfortable leg room
  • Extended suntop for max coverage
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